1. Special Jaw Set For machining 'Exhaust Manifold Mounting Flange'

One of the leading automobile manufacturers needed machining on ‘exhaust manifold mounting flanges’. Some of our customers won this contract for machining the flanges on CNC turning machine. But the major issue was with fixture requires to hold these flanges on Power Chuck. These types of the fixture will not only be expensive but also loading and unloading of parts will add in the cost of downtime of the machine. In order to overcome both these issues we designed and proven the following type jaws set. We delivered these jaw sets within one day.
The result is seen above the photograph. From that onwards we made around 50 Nos of these Power Chuck Jaw sets for these flanges.

2. Special Jaw Set For machining Hydraulic & Pneumatic Elbow machining

This is another area where we are constantly getting inquiry from the customer for Power Chuck Jaw sets. Customer used to get lot of trouble in designing fixture and most critical area used to be loading and unloading of these fittings. Thanks to advance CAD software we designed and tested actual working before actual manufacturing of these Jaw sets. We delivered many number of these jaw sets

3. Quick Change Top Tooling for Oil & Gas Pipe Fitting Flanges

This Customer is a manufacturer of pressure Flanges used in Oil & Gas applications. To turn these flanges need hard jaw set for the first operation but the issue is lot size. These lot sizes are smaller and change in setup time is much more than the actual production of batch size. In order to solve this problem, we designed top tooling jaws. These are quickly changed top tooling which are for different sizes of diameter. So basically customer needs to change the top tooling without disturbing base jaw hence by saving previous time in setup change.

4. Heavy Duty Hard Jaw Set

This is special hard jaw set designed to hold taper forging diameter.